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Turf Installation in Montérégie

A Lawn That Is the Envy of the Neighborhood

Every homeowner dreams of having lush and green grass to beautify their property. This is where Les Gazons Michel Inc. comes in to answer your needs in terms of turf installation in Montérégie, the Eastern Townships and the South Shore. We also provide speedy delivery services and we are equipped to deliver small or very large quantities of roll out grass. Call us to place your order!

photo tonte pelouse champs et engrais vert (champs moutarde blanche).JPG

We Know about Greenery!

Transform your lawn into a green paradise thanks to our team’s precious advice. We have been in the business for over 30 years and we will be happy to help you get the lawn of your dreams!


Cultivated lawn

Premium quality Kentucky Bluegrass turf made up of 6 grass mixtures





Fast delivery (small and very large quantities)

Large tractor working the field

A Green and Lush Lawn

We have prepared some tips for you to succeed!


We are equipped to deliver small and large quantities of turf lawn.

large amount of turf lawn
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